8 November 2012

A friendship that is ending?

First time in life, I felt that I am losing a friend. A friend that we had gone through so much together in sch and even after we graduated.

I just can’t believe that all because of a small matter causes such a conflict or was it just a miscommunication in between us? And if you are reading this (probably no? I donno) im actually holding back my tears behind. So many years of friendship and I just cannot understand why such a thing can make us or rather me so awkward to do anything with you.

But putting my hand across my heart, I’ve done my best and give in to my most to salvage this friendship. However, I don’t see that you are treasuring it. If this is so, then I won’t stop you from breaking this relationship anymore.

I’ve did my best, but I don’t see what you are trying to do to save this.
Hope you treasure what you have now instead of envious-ing what others have.


10 October 2012

Left or right?

Trying my best to keep my blog alive once again.
Just know my final 2 papers results yesterday.
Giving myself a pat on the shoulders for all the hard work for the last eight months.
ok la, i didn't really work hard, else my result also wont be so-so only...

To be truthful, I've been browsing jobs online for the last 2 weeks. I want to be procurement executive! but most of the jobs are admin cum executive! i don't wish to be an admin anymore! i want to pass paper works to the admin person!
But well, all the job that i MIGHT be qualified are located at jurong/tuas area. - .- 

Therefore, I'm giving myself the courage to talk to my supervisor if i could pick up some buying skills and obviously i wan a pay increment! so that i can pay off my debts and save for my new room in less than 2 years time.
officially announcing that I'M A DIPLOMA HOLDER NOW OK! Highest qualification! Yahooo~ no more ITE higher nitect cert lo!
just that i have to wait for my cert to come which is next year Jan!

Hope god hears my cries and grant my wish?

<3 Zongjin

4 October 2012

Law of attractions

Law of Attractions...
That's what I am learning now.
Its been pretty long ever since my last blog post.
Practically almost 8 months of not blogging?
Well, that's because my life is filled with work and sch life. What makes my blogging today is all thanks to the new Nuffnangx that's makes me want to blog again. But i can't guarantee that i will keep updating.

A little update of me is that I've completed my Diploma course slightly more than a month ago. and the last results is going to be out pretty soon, crossing my fingers for this last results. Feeling all nervous coz I'm afraid to see yet i wan to know too. Contradicting yeah, I know.
Time flew so quickly, now that i have more free time to myself that sometimes I do not know where is my goal of life is for now. Wanting to change a job, started to send resume, 1 responded but i rejected. Long story to be explained...
Anyways is OCTOBER! Happiest month for me i guess? Turning 21 years old in a few weeks time and my preparation for the party has been going  pretty good. Just that I'm left with my choice of cake and food servings! Waiting for that last few ppl's confirmation so that i can gage the no of ppl i shall order. :D

22 February 2012

the effect of eczema

My first third encounter with this rash-looking hand.
The reason of why i said first and strike off is because for the first two time, i didn't bother and let it recover on it own. But that took quite a long time to do so.
For today, i decided to seek help. coz this time round, it comes and goes for almost a month?
Therefore, I'm getting a little worried. so yea, the doctors said i have eczema.
Better not to use soap to wash my hand too often. and best, Soap free products. Not ending yet, i have to keep my hands moisturized at all times. NOT EVEN ALLOWING IT TO GO DRY! so lots of lotion needs to be used. Yet, the lotion have to be fragrance free, better still, wat ph 0.5 products. OHMYHOLY!
All this info together with 3 medication, 1 cream and 2 days MC cost me 42 bucks! the most expensive diagnose I've ever taken!
And i really hate taking medication which i have to complete it! :'(

So whats paid is paid, I'm gonna take this 2 days to rest and complete my assignment!


14 February 2012

Happy vday!

Happy Anniversary to my darLING.
may our friendship last.
Best friend forever k!
Really miss those sec 1 and 2 days, where we always stick together.
catch up soon again in before u start sch k!

darLING Zongjin

12 February 2012

Jolene's 21st birdday!

Probably this is the worst and draggy post i ever made.
haven't been doing up post as i used to. Probably is because my life is pretty routine nowadays.
okay, lets not talk about my boring and lifeless life.

So here's what we did on Jolene's actual birthday!
There was a pre-celebration, but i guess actual day celebration are more worth in posting?
  • left office and trained to Harbourfront
  • giant for some grocery
  • broadwalk into sentosa
  • dinner at Ramen Play
  • some monopoly deal and cake cutting
  • chamwhore and lights off
  • next day morning, some milo and off for a morning swim!
  • showered, lunch at toast box
  • off to imbia station for flower festival, 2011 flowers were nicer!
  • headed back to hotel and headed home first to prepare for test!
that's basically what we did for a short 1 day 1 night staycation? 

it was a pretty last min thing so we didn't really plan anything! :)
But i did made a card for her k! she's the first and the last!
too lazy to transfer the photos though. :D

once again,

Happy Birthday Jolene!

7 November 2011

IT's ZHIYING's tweenteen

It's our Shortest and Smallest girl bday this week.
We had a pre-celebration for her!
She decided to have Ginza Bairin at ION!
Majority of us had curry rice. 

What is it called girls when we don't camwhore in the toilet?!!! HAHA!

We did some advance thingy to get all the things ready for this little girl to appear!
sorry ah, no info to be leak out in this case! :D
Or eles, it wont be called supprise already!

We made our way up to ION for her bday supprise.
Hope we did not spoil the supprise in any ways yea?!

After which, we started spaming the camera with our groups photos!
Its been so long the 5 of us last hang out tgt!

Overall, i believe that all of us had fun and did some catching up with each other.
One last photo with the bday girl, zhiying and a group photo!


31 October 2011


 WHEEE~ Its October, and it's the month where i'm born!
i feel damd old now with 2 candles sitting on the cake.
With this, it also means its time to be more mature and stop making silly decisions. :)

This year is the most surprise given year.
Had an advance celebration with the colleague ladies, with the awesome meal we had at Tong Le.
Although the cake part was spoilt, but well i still appreciate it!
Hmm... come to think of the cake, i believe it was Jiahui who went to place the cake there. :D
The cake was really nice, with a rice chocolate taste. ♥
Thank You my three ladies, @jiahui, @sandy, @grace with the present and celebration. 
hanging out with you girls are always wonderful and i'm glad that i know you girls. ♥

 On the actual day itself.

Met JACZZ for dinner over at fat boy's.
Aaron couldn't join us as he needs to book in. :(
and charmaine ended her teaching late, thus we could only manage to have a short catch up.
But.... i still had a good time laughing with charmaine doing all the nonsense stuffs at icekimo.
The most surprising thing ever, is that they actually gave me ang bao's this year!
OMG, seriously i have a bunch of crazy friends. Probably, all my friends knows that i love shopping recently, so all give me money spend! HAHA!

Once again, i thank all my girls who helped me celebrated this special day for me.
Really love all the things you girls done for me.
Love the bag from the 3 girls, and Ang Bao's from Li Jing and the surprise cake from her sister at the airport! Oh and another 2 Ang Bao's from Jolene and Zhi ying, which her birthday is coming too! ♥

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Myself!


9 October 2011

To move or not?

A gentle quote a friend gave me.
No matter how Frustrated you are; don't forget to smile.
No matter how Urgent things are; always note the tone of your language.
No matter how Sad you are; don't forget to preserver to the end.
No matter how Tired you are; remember to love yourself.

I guess, i have really learned to keep these in my mind.
But when things turns the other way as you expected, i told myself that in any worse scenario, i still need to move on.
Preparing the worst results it could ever turn out next week, i have already prepare my heart well....Which is to move off from here and start again from scratch. 
The only hard thing that i can't let go is the people there.
I would say, they are all friendly, nice and easy to get along.
But... what is the point of staying when you need to do something out of your willingness?
Coming out with lots of excuses if i really need to move to that final decision.
Coz this is the best and only way to make myself feel better.

However, to all what i had said, by next week, i believe things would be fixed and i would decide by end of this month.
I really wished that things would turn well on my side after tomorrow...
Wish me the best of luck....

In deepest condolences to myself,

2 October 2011

Hello OCTopus!

Time really flies, 30 days of September just flew of in an blink of an eye!
Now getting my heart to prepare for October.
A joyfully month where i have great plans ahead!
Feeling all excited and pretty looking forward to it too!
Abandoning all my excitement, i really need to watch what and how i spend too!
With all these great plans ahead, meaning that i need to spend more in order to get all these event happen.

But there is always a saying, the money you earned are for spending eventually.
True, but saving some aside would defiantly make me feel safer. :D
However, i just cant control myself from spending, especially stopping myself from buying clothes.
In additional, been cabbing pretty often last month.
This really add on to my expenses, and a lunch trip to somewhere further can totally kill me for sure.

So from now on, i have to eat cheap food for lunch and save those up for my October's trip and celebration i guess?

And my conclusion for this post is that i need a rich and  sweet boyfriend. HAHAz